JoJo would love to work with Bruno Mars

JoJo is eyeing up a collaboration with Bruno Mars.

American singer JoJo shot to the top of the charts in 2004 at just 13 years old, but took a break from the spotlight two years later before making a welcome return after a decade-long hiatus in 2016.

Her third album, Mad Love hit the top spot in new Zealand, and peaked at number six on the US Billboard 200. Wiz Khalifa and Remy Ma feature on the record, and JoJo is already lining up who she’d next like to work with.

“Bruno Mars,” she smiled to Fault magazine. “There’s so much amazing music and talent out there. I think Bruno is kind of the ultimate right now.”

JoJo is currently on the road promoting her new music on a tour of North America. The gigs kicked off earlier this month (Apr17) in the Country Music Capital of the World, Nashville. She can next be seen in Memphis on Sunday (16Apr17) before she heads further up north.

“I’m personally really excited to perform songs from my new album and connect with fans in places that I haven’t been to in a long time or some places that I’m going to for the first time. It’s just my favourite place to get s**t out: on stage. It’s my happy place,” she shared.

“While I’m on the road, I want to start writing. I’m just really interested in putting out a steady stream of content. I’m feeling so creative and I’m itching to make a new body of work, so I just want to keep going and growing and keep on moving.”