Julianne Moore and Zoe Saldana star in Sia’s new video for charity song

Julianne Moore and Zoe Saldana are starring in Sia’s new music video to help the fight against AIDS.

Sia made the promo for Free Me to help raise funds for #endHIV campaign, which was launched by organisers at the Abzyme Research Foundation to raise funds to manufacture “effective and low cost therapeutic” HIV/AIDS vaccinations that are currently under review by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, according to E! News.

“This is Kai, an expecting mother, a daughter, a friend,” Julianne says in the beginning of the music video as the camera focuses on Zoe in a doctor’s office. “She’s about to learn HIV is taking hold in her body, attacking her immune system and if left untreated will be passed on to the baby growing inside her.”

Zoe performs an interpretive dance, choreographed by Sia’s longtime collaborator Ryan Heffington, in the video, which ends with Saldana clutching a crying baby and text reading, “HIV/AIDS is the NO. 1 killer of women of reproductive age worldwide. Go to ENDHIV.com to support a promising new aids cure. Together we can #endHIV.”

Sia doesn’t appear in the video, but she sings lyrics including, “Free me/Free me/From this pain I’ve been running from/I’m tired and I’m free falling/Free me/Free me/From this shame I’ve been running from/I’m lost and I am calling you.”

Proceeds from downloads of the Free Me song will go to the #endHIV campaign. Organisers are hoping to raise $1 million (£784,500).

“Free Me will be available digitally everywhere on Friday,” Sia writes on Twitter. “All proceeds go to support trials for a vaccine from @endhiv – Team Sia.”