Noah Cyrus would ‘cry for hours’ over negative social media comments

Noah Cyrus would “cry for hours” after reading negative comments on Instagram.

The 17-year-old sister of Wrecking Ball star Miley made the decision to turn off the comment facility on her page on the social media site after being trolled by cyber bullies.

Speaking to Refinery29 about being targeted by bullies, Noah explained: “They (the negative comments) were really affecting me. Like, really bad. I was getting really depressed from them, and hurt, and would cry for hours over things. It was killing me every time I read something slightly hurtful, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

But after several weeks with comments off, Noah opted to turn them back on after admitting she felt “selfish” for not giving her supporters an outlet to back her on.

“Recently, I’ve been asked so many questions (like) ‘Why don’t you have your Instagram comments on? How do you talk to your fans now?’ I was kind of starting to think, ‘Well, I can’t really talk to them. I can’t let bad comments get to me.’ I felt really selfish for turning off my comments. If things don’t go well, I can turn them back off, that’s what is great about that feature.

“But, so far, I’ve been able to talk to my fans, and I’m actually liking having the comments back on. I get to talk to my friends, too. I feel like a normal person again, but I had to take a couple of weeks to think about it, because to me, it’s a really big deal.”

Noah is now gearing up to release her next single, I’m Stuck. The track has a country feel about it, and the singer admits she was influenced by her country star father Billy Ray Cyrus for the sound of the song.

“I’ve been listening to country since I was a baby, you know, going on the road with my dad and stuff and just him raising me listening to Dolly (Parton) and Johnny Cash and a ton of these country artists,” she smiled. “It’s always been a part of my roots, but this is the only song on the album that ties in that country sound.”