EXCLUSIVE: Tony Hawk, Diplo and more attend Skrillex bday

Rapper Ditch and film and music producer Randolph Hood take us inside Skrillex’ private…

Tyga, Tony Hawk and more attend Skrillex private birthday bash

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Tricom entertainment producer and CEO Randolph Hood


Tony Hawk and Rapper DitcH


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Model Kenna Alastair!

Inside Skrillex private celebrity filled birthday bash
Rapper Ditch and film/music producer Randolph Hood (of Tricom Entertainment) takesus inside Skrillex’ private surprise birthday party. The event took place on January 15th 2015 at a large theater in Los Angeles, California. Skrillex was led to the theater and held down stairs not knowing where he was drinking and partying until the surprise audience appeared when he reached the stage. The celebrity filled room (at the private event) held waiting for him; Tony Hawk, Diplo, Garey Busey, Zed, Corey Feldman, Tara Reid, Tyga, Craig Robertson, film and music producer Randolph Hood, Ellie Goulding,  and many more. The beauty of the room was capped by the very beautiful model Kenna Alastair. Thanks to Gary at Sons Of Hollywood photography for the great photos. Special thanks to Douglas Hoover.

The event was sponsored by Heineken  Svedka, Stillhouse Moonshine,