Trinidad James, Bishop Don Juan, Yukmouth, Ditch and more at Rappin 4Tays Playaz Club mansion

Exclusive story by Lynn Russell of Focus One News


Herman Watson and Trinidad James

When one imagines the “hip hop lifestyle”, a myriad of luxuries come to mind: a lavish, champagne lifestyle, complete with all the bells and whistles of a hustler’s parad ise. Mansion parties- well this goes without saying. Blunts and champagne- of course! And naturally a player comes to expect the distinct pleasure and company of a variety of statuesque, cover-worthy model-types to complement the refreshing atmosphere of combustible beats. The outside world might react to this community’s extravagant reputation with a raised eye-brow and poorly masked skepticism. Surely, this is some glorified Hollywood fantasy, exaggerated and sensationalized; imprinted into our cultural consciousness through the influence of pop-culture and advertising trends, right???


 Rappin 4Tay and a fan  


Bobby B Blunt, Al Z, Ditch, John Wayne

Hip hop culture, and it’s accompanying penchant for the finer things, is alive and well in Los Angeles. Surely, you’ve heard of the Playaz Club! The last weekend of January, East 2 West Magazine hosted a star-studded celebration at the Palazzo Mansion of Beverly Hills for Rappin4Tay’s Player’s Club Bash that was all but dripping in liquid gold. It was a reunion of sorts for the members of The Playaz Club, created in 1994 by Rappin4Tay. In 2012, 4Tay granted his manager, Herman Watson, and Chris Cottingham of Indigital the chance to revive the tradition and show the world the lifestyle of the hip hop elite. Currently the Playaz Club is home to over two thousand members, and that number that is on the rise. Watson decided to throw the Playaz Club Mansion Bash to show the members of the Playaz Club what they can look forward to in 2015.


Rapper Ditch


 Ditch, Big Percy RMM, Big Marv, Bishop Don Juan

Even 4Tay’s lawyer, Seattle-based Tom Osinski, showed up to the Palazzo for the big night. Hell, he’s been a charter member of the Playaz Club since the beginning. Osinski represented 4Tay during his recent legal victory against hip hop artist, Drake, who 4tay sued for plagiarism. When asked for his thoughts on the party, Osinski said the following; “I thought the party was amazing… reflective of exactly what the Playaz club is all about: Amazing location, fantastic people, and exactly the kind of unequaled “Big Pimpin’ ” vibe that you would expect from something as storied as the Playaz Club. I was able to network, reconnect with old friends and business associates, and meet new ones. But above all, I had a blast.” On another floor of the Palazzo mansion, 4Tay and The Intercepterz began production for their upcoming music video, “Feel The Flow” – right in the middle of the party. During this exclusive two-day event, gangsters, players, models, rappers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds congregated to celebrate the good life and to turn up.


Tony Tag of Splitarillos, Ditch and Yukmouth of the Luniz

​ ​Among the distinguished party guests was rapper Ditch, Rappin4Tay and The Intercepterz, Bishop Don Juan, Trinidad James, Silver Dollar, and about a thousand others. From the view of the Palazzo’s dazzling second-story parlor room’s full service bar, one could witness the music video unfold in real-time as the gentlemen from The Intercepterz ascended from the stairwell, arm-in-arm with the most beautiful women of Beverly Hills. This jaw-dropping procession of swagger proceeded past wide-eyed guests with such style and regality, it almost appeared as if in slow-motion.


A crazy fan jumps 2 stories into a small pool below


The Liquor Man and fan


Rappin 4tay ready for filming

Hansum Mag

Silver Dollar and Liquor Mans family

Hansum Mag

Will of E2W Magazine and Big Percy of RMM

Hansum Mag

Red Grant

Hansum Mag

Red Grant and Big Percy on point

Hansum Mag

Havoc of South Central Cartel and Ditch
​Taking a step outside to the terrace, one could feast one’s eyes on beautifully inviting white-marble patio area, complete with a sparkling swimming pool and spa that opened up to a cabana lounge area built for a king. The lounge was tastefully adorned with pristinely white leather seating, conveniently positioned in front of a table of Ciroq. Soft blue lighting illuminated this panorama of sophistication that would assuage even a player with the most discriminating of tastes.
​Nestled amongst the winner’s circle amongst his personal guests, Big Marv and Bishop Don Juan, sat rapper Ditch in his natural habitat- seen in his typical 120% mode as he sported his custom-made platinum and white gold rope necklaces that have become his trademark look. Ditch is anticipating the release of his newest album this year, “Permanent Vac8ion”, including some exciting new additions to his eclectic repertoire of styles including hip hop, reggae, and even funk. The album will also feature some impressive collaboration with artists such as Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson of Parliament Funkadelic, among others. Fans can also look forward to Ditch’s upcoming new music videos that are currently in the works. Ditch has been busy, indeed, having attended the  annual NAMM conference the day prior to the mansion bash, as well as attending the private birthday celebration of dub-step legend, Skrillex. Everyday it’s something new, as Ditch would say, “…whether it’s jumping in a helicopter to go scout a band, or heading out in a limo to some private party. We are always going non-stop… Always follow your dreams; even if they hate on you or throw dirt on you or your name, always stay true to what you want to do”.” In addition to his musical endeavors, Ditch is currently developing two new companies with producer and business mogul, Randolph Hood, and the two will be signing new and upcoming talent as they build up their new brand; Hood And Associates ( . Randolph and Ditch have also started their own entertainment news website, Focus One News ( What can we expect from Ditch in 2015? “Bigger and better than ever,” Ditch says, “That’s really all I can say because every year it always gets bigger and better than the last; the best is yet to come. I’m a strong believer in that”.
​Never far from the video cameras were The Intercepterz’ front men, Herman Watson and Acee-Ville, hailing from San Bernadino, California. These gentlemen have many irons in the fire, so to speak, as they anticipate the release of their upcoming album, “Power of Music”, being released under the 4Flavaz/ Playaz Club label.  In addition to being a front man for The Intercepterz, Watson is also the manager for Rappin4Tay. Watson and 4Tay will be dropping their new comic book under the Playaz Club label later this year, based on the lives and careers of 4Tay and 2pac. In a candid moment in between conversing with titans of the music industry, Rappin4Tay had the following predictions for the upcoming year: “2015 is gonna be beautiful,” Tay reflected, “We’re gonna turn all the way up”.
And turn up they did. Tony Tag was also on hand from Trend Settah Inc makers of; Hood Wraps, Splitarillos cigars, Crystal Clear eyedrops, Swag Phones and more. He said “there are Splitarillos everywhere at this party, we supply the best quality products. We do a lot of stuff with Rappin 4Tay so it was a no brainer to be a part of this. Company owner and Ceo Akrum “AK” was also in attendance as well as Behr his right hand man.

The Palazzo Mansion was packed with over a thousand friends, guests, and business associates of the one and only Playaz Club crew. It was a celebration of community, a spectacle of the finer things, but above all, a night to remember. The party raged on all through the night until the first light of morning broke the twilight over Beverly Hills.

Hansum Mag

Rappin 4tay and Jeweler to the stars Mike Boshra

Hansum Mag

Big Marv, Bishop Don Magic Juan and Friends.

Special thanks to: Trend Settah Inc, Big Marv, Hansum Magazine Corey Green for the photos, Kushtown, Hwy 1 Records and Rappin 4tay.