Artist Spotlight: Dom Sheldon

Focus one news artist spotlight Dom Sheldon

What got you into making music?

I started making music because I was in love with the emotion and vibrations that music can give you.  That feeling when your favorite song came on, the outpour of emotion, its magical.  I also used Music as a form of therapy, so I can tell my story and work through everything I was going through.  It’s been better than any therapist I’ve ever had. 

What has been your best experience musically so far?
My best experience musically has been working with Fat Joe in the studio.  When we put together that record in Cool and Dre studio, he was as active as possible in helping make the song as fire as possible.

Tell us about being a Hip Hop artist in your city?
 Being a Hip Hop artist in Brooklyn right now is a completely different experience.  With Brooklyn Drill leading the new wave of Hip Hop, Its hard to stay away from it.  I love the sound, but it’s not necessarily my sound.  I’ve worked on a couple drill records that you will hear soon, but those are mainly features.  I’m doing my best to have a different sound and to stand out.  

What are some wild stories you have experienced? 
Since being in this industry, I’ve seen a lot of wild stuff.  I’ve seen the baddest Jawns do some crazy stuff for a little white powder and I’ve seen small differences become the reason why people try to kill each other.   

What current projects do you have available ? 
 I have a few Current singles under my old Moniker “D.S.” “Basic” Featuring Kent Jones, “Calabasas”, and now “Inferno”,  and a project on datpiff called FIRST TAKE.  Anything else I had, I removed for multiple reasons.   

What shows have you done recently?

 Due to the pandemic, I haven’t been doing many shows but I have a lot in the works when this is over.  

What makes you standout as an artist?

My sound is completely different than most people coming up right now. I mix an array of different styles to deliver content, lyrics, emotions, and contagious hooks.  I use an array of different sounds to make anything sound more dynamic.  I try my best to create and reinvent new flows to give my music a completely original sound.   

What are your up-coming big moves to mention?

I’m working on shooting 7 different music videos this year. One being shot in Atlanta.  I’m working on some big collaborations with some of your favorite artists right now.  We are working on the business end of it. but hopefully it will be out this summer.   I’m also in talks with a few reality shows.  We will see how that works out in the fall.

Where can people find your music (links)?

 You can find all my new and old music and all your favorite streaming platforms.  But if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (DomSheldon_FCC)  You will get regular updates to all of my music. all of my old music will be  under D.S. while all of my new music will be under “Dom Sheldon”  Add my Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music Artist Pages, so you can get regular updates.

What’s your social media handles?

Twitter/Instagram: DomSheldon_FCC