Artist Spotlight: Fifi Marz

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What got you into making music?My dad got me into music all type of genre and my mom too .What has been your best experience musically so far?
      My best experience musically so                Far was performing my first song        “Heaven” at Blaze The Stage and        And The Power 105.1 showcase      By Ahmed and Dj Reymore and             Amadeus what a response and             good reviews I got from them and       the crowd.

Tell us about being a Hip Hop artist in your city?

Being the best hip hop artist in Brooklyn representing my tomboy gurls out there sending out messages that we all go through so if they can’t let it out I will.

What are some wild stories you have experienced? 
      Wild stories are in Vegas especially when u with all different artists that has different backgrounds and they drama what             happened over there stay in                 Vegas and the second time singing “Heaven” I noticed I had fans. I was    so happy and excited.

What current projects do you have available ? 
The project Iam currently working on is making Runway beats for designers and fashion show. Iam working on my production
      Fifimarzproduction, beats, videos,  promo, showcase and many more

What shows have you done recently?
So far I have performed 4 shows
For  Blaze the mic and many more coming up and dhys swag international magazines showcase .

What makes you standout as an artist?
What make me standout from others artist is that Iam unique different, have ability and I have a unique voice that can calm your mind, body, spirit and soul. I can multitask. Iam pop star that can freestyle and  I also hit the runway for fashion week shows and many more .

What are your up-coming big moves to mention?

My up-coMing big moves is that I will be performing at the Super Bowl weekend at Tampa, fl that a Big opportunity for me and have a chance to perform at the BET live in LA. I want to say you can continue nominate from 2HotRadio for future shows.

Where can people find your music (links)?
People can find me
      Instagram: sagigurl28       Instagram: FIFIMARZTHEARTIST 
Facebook: Fifimarz       YouTube: Fifimarz 
     Twitter: Fifimarz2 & also