Artist Spotlight: Jianetti

What got you into making Music?– Music has always been what I love, but I’d have to say my cousins’ were the major influence that got me into creating music. They would get together in a group, turn some beats on and start rapping. I was 12 when I started freestyling with them and I created my first song when I was 14 off my cousin’s laptop. I’m blessed I found what I love at a young age.
What has been your best experience musically so far?– There have been many great experiences throughout my career but the best experience would have to be when my Mom and Grandma got to see me perform in Vegas. 5000 people were standing and singing with me, and it was a good message to my mom like, “Momma I made it!”. It was my biggest show at the time; I was so happy they flew out and saw me do what I love. 
Tell us about being a rapper in your city.– Being a rapper in Detroit is seriously about earning your keep and respect. It requires long nights and early mornings. Like for me, I didn’t have any managers or easy ways in. I started at the bottom of showcases, not winning and still going back for more until I started building my reputation and name. If you have the networking mindset, you will always meet somebody at these shows; everyone is looking for new talent and business opportunities. At a few of these showcases, I was able to network spots onto a legit show; from there you keep grinding. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve performed at a showcase until 3AM, then went to work at 5AM to do it all again. Like any place really, you need to earn your respect. There’s not many ways to do that other than grinding and networking. People want to see you earn it.

What are some wild stories you have experienced?– There are tons of wild stories but one story that was musically involved was when I performed in Chicago a few years back. We were a little past half way through my set when this dude came up from the side of the stage. This guy only had boxers on, a burnt- down blunt, and a beer; I had no clue who he was. He was clearly faded and wasn’t aggressive, but came up to put his arm around me while rapping. Security was moving in to grab him, but I put the mic in proximity of both of us to rap together. He got to say a few parts, then security escorted him off the stage and outside. I never felt in danger, but man was it wild. 
What current projects do you have available?– I have several projects that are streamed on all media platforms and in over 2000 stores around the world! But my interviews, music videos, freestyles, remixes and more are all on YouTube. My newest project will be a collaboration for a song called, “Stay” that is aimed to be dropped in mid to late August. If you really want to get crazy, my old mixtapes and singles are on YouTube as well!

What shows have you done recently?– Covid-19 has really put a damper on performing opportunities this year but one of the best shows happened earlier this year in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to write a verse for the company LOWE’S, meet the CEO and perform in front of 5000 of their top ranked employees. I’m glad it was before the outbreak so the show was experienced at its fullest; that was a milestone for me. Any updates on shows and music can be found on all of my social media pages @jianetti.
What makes you stand out as an artist?– Passion and Adaptability. Throughout my 14 year music career, I’ve consistently been told that I have so much passion it resonates in my music and when I perform. People can feel real, and they know when you’re not what you preach. I have always taken pride in creating music that connects with people and has real emotion in it; situations that people have been through or feelings that we have all experienced. Life is about adaptation and growing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t retain who you are. Sometimes you do features with other artists and it’s a vibe you’re unfamiliar with. But you adapt and create a song that hits that vibe and still has “you” in it; I think those are attributes that really makes me stand out as an artist.
What are your upcoming big moves to mention?– One big move has just recently happened when I worked out a distribution deal with Hood & Associates Records that has my music being distributed through InGrooves Music with over 2000 stores around the world. A few more singles will be coming out over the next year and a few collaboration projects with some great artists. I’m not allowed to speak too much on it yet, but I may be doing some play writing and voice acting in the future as well!
Where can people find your music links?– I’m the only “Jianetti” all over the world so even googling my name correctly will show me as the top result! My new website is in the works so my Instagram is where you can find links to all of my music and links to my other social media sites! I can be found @jianetti on every platform (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

What’s your social media handles?– All of my social media handles are @jianetti (Facebook: Jianetti, Instagram: Jianetti, etc.). Thank you!
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist?– Through the anger and happiness, the struggles and successes, music has always been there to help me put these moments into words. The more I performed, the more I noticed along the way that people shared the same love for music, and I found a new motivation to do this for others just as much as I do it for myself and my family. So through your ups and your downs, know that you’re not alone. My Agenda: Performing, Networking and Growing. My music would not be what it is today without my supporters: family, friends and fans alike.
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