What got you into making music?

My passion came from when i first got to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I came from Cuba and the room my mom got for me had a guitar and since i watched Mtv all the time hearing rock music started from there playin by my self by ear.

What has been your best experience musically so far?

I played in front of thousands of people just with a guitar and my voice at a mall in my hometown.

What current projects do you have available ?

First single “Fear” with Hood Associates avaible everywhere.

What shows have you done recently?

I have not participated on any shows recently.

What makes you standout as an artist?

Even with all the problems and downfalls, i still put music first. Besides that i can write and sing both in spanish wich is my first language of course and also in english. Im also a complete artist by composing my own songs from scratch to digital. I also can make variety of genres  although i think my music is genreless.

What are you up coming big moves to mention?

Nowadays im focusing on the production of two singles one in spanish (rege-trap) and another in english to release them almost at the same time now with a decent executive producer.

Where can people find your music (links)?

Jormaniak has songs mostly everywhere except youtube for now. U can find small projects and festures on apple music, spotify, soundcloud… Links i try to put then on my IG account for people to hear while i work on the big projects im launching Jormaniak with visuals on youtube and a real artist account on all the platforms.

What’s your social media handles?

Facebook- Jormaniak Days

Instagram – Jormaniak

Twitter – JormanDaz1

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an Artist?

Sauce no pause.