Artist Spotlight: Lil K4huna making his own moves

What got you into making music?

Ever since I was a child I loved playing instruments, singing, and rap. I was raised with all sorts of musical influences, from Willie Nelson to Outkast. I love music because of how it can make people feel, it got me through many hard times.
Best Experience Musically so far?

The live sound work I did for the strings orchestra at the Nixon Center was by far the best experience simply because of how much I saw and learned, about people and sound engineering/tracking. I’m a studio rat, so it’s nice to get out sometimes.
Being a rapper in Newnan?Not easy. Everybody has an image or a thought about what you should be. In my town, people are relatively close minded unless they see cream.
Wild stories?

Mann it’s the stuff every other drug addicted youth goes through. Most you can hear in my music. I was at a Yung Gravy concert once and that man busted through the side door on accident drunk as hell with three big ass bodyguards. I was too slow for the picture…
Projects? I currently have 3 singles out on Soundcloud, I’m currently working on an EP, a follow up album in an alloted amount of time, and an array of singles to be distributed worldwide
Shows recently done?I have yet to perform, I recently signed with BMI
What makes you stand out as an artist?Where I come from, my style of rap, even who I come from. A lot of artists just want to be famous and rich. I want to be famous for the right reason, to spread a positive message and to warn people, especially the youth, about the things I had to go through.
Upcoming Big Moves?Definitely signing with Hood and Associates. I have nothing but great vibes about my upcoming EP, singles, and collaborations. Excited to see what the future brings.
Find my music?
Currently my music is on Soundcloud, but soon enough it will be accessible in over 2000 stores worldwide.(
Social Media Handles?IG: k4hunaSC: xxlkpoxxMail:
Any last words?Well, ultimately I feel like there’s nobody out here doing this for the same reason as me entirely. I’m here to spread enlightenment and positvity while still growing my own through the Spirit. My main message is this: Remember where we come from, and protect our energy.