Artist Spotlight: Mista AB

Focus one news artist spotlight

What got you into making music?  What got me into making music was the times where my friends always asked me to freestyle back in school and even during class but what they later found out is that I started taking it seriously. 
What has been your best experience musically so far? That I got to me an A&R Exec from Atlantic Records he told me that I sounded like J. Cole on a record I played him 

Tell us about being a Hip Hop artist in your city? You really have to be and sound different in my city because everyone wants to be a rapper. 

What are some wild stories you have experienced?  None to be honest 

What current projects do you have available ? 
Just release a new single titled “The Language” 

What shows have you done recently? Haven’t did any shows since 2018 but looking to start performing again soon. 

What makes you standout as an artist? What make me stand out is my sound and how I’m able to switch up on each record I do or each feature I per take on. 

What are your up-coming big moves to mention? New music is on the way 

Where can people find your music (links)?