What got you into making music?
I’ve always pictured myself being an entertainer; never did I think that I would be making music though. But, every now and then since I was young, I would always try to rap and would battle with my brother and friends making fun of each other. I always had it in me, I just never considered it an option.
What has been your best experience musically so far?
Being at the studio and inside the booth is always a great experience for me. It’s like i become someone else when im in there and I vibe higher. I barely started recording less than a year ago though, so, I’m pretty sure  there are plenty more great experiences to come.

What current projects do you have available ?

Right now I have my song “I’ll Be Damned,” with Hood & Associates on their album “Undiscovered Gold Vol. 3.”
There are also a few more of my songs available on SoundCloud.
What shows have you done recently?
I have only done one performance at the Karma Lounge in Los Angeles. It was perfect for the first time being on stage in front of an audience. I will never forget that day and I also know it wont be my last, this is just the beginning.

What makes you standout as an artist?

I don’t think I can really answer that, I’m doing what I love and I’m having fun while im doing it. If my music stands out then I believe that would have to be a question for those who choose to listen.

What are your up coming big moves to mention?

There’s a video coming soon for, “”I’ll Be Damned.” New songs that I’ve been getting ready for the world to hear and a couple of shows that I will be performing for. 

Where can people find your music (links)?

You can find me on SoundCloud under Mon$e. Or on the Undiscovered Gold Vol. 3 album on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.

What’s your social media handles?
@Lp_monse_333 on The Gram.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an Artist?
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to lend an ear. And thank you for the people that support my movement.