One of my best friends who is an artist too preformed in strip club that i worked as a DJ/MC and heard my voice on the mic,from the day i can remember my self singing allways made me happy and he told me that i have talent and a good voice and gave me the option to actually use it
Best experience that i had musically so far was to get into that booth and just sing into that mic without thinking about anything in this moment there was no time no problems just pure happiness
Currently me and my boy Chinkstakz trying to work with Notlam pro on using my vocals to make Dark R&B music
I preformed on my latest trip to my homeland Israel in a night club songs that are know by different great artists that math my way of singing
What makes me personally stand out is the fact that im gay i came out of the closet after i moved to Canada couple years back and personally i can look or sing from a girly girly point of view who wears dresses and heals and loves d*ck but at same time i can wear baggy pants and a big gold chaine and look like any girls wet dream im capable of singing about things that guys and girls relate too
Right now im just trying make music that people will actually enjoy and would be able to relate to in some way man or woman my biggest move right now would be trying to make music that people want to f*ck cuz it puts them in the mood that girls will get wet too and strippers will fight to dance to it
People can fight my music on Soundcloud or Spotify soon gonna start doing music videos too so will be on Youtube also under the name Z69Y
You can find me on instagram under sivani_goresh
The only other thing is that im 100% im gonna make sum panties drop in the future with what im bout to make