Boy George in ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’ final

As with every season of The Celebrity Apprentice, there are strong competitors and not so strong.

For those that have never seen the program, a group of celebrities are brought together and split into two teams. Each program, they are assigned a marketing task from developing brochures to writing and producing commercials to mounting big promotional events to raising money with a winning and losing team selected by a team of experts. The losing team is then brought back into the boardroom where one of the members is fired.

Originally hosted by now president Donald Trump, this is the first with Arnold Schwarzenegger running the show. The series started with sixteen contestants, including Carnie Wilson and Vince Neil but, after a total of twelve marketing tasks, the finals are down to just Boy George and American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman who have now been tasked with creating a marketing brochure, assembling a promotional event and raising money for Carnival Cruise Lines.

The record of the two finalists is also almost identical with both winning twice as project managers and Boy George’s team going 9 and 3 on events while Iseman’s team went 8 and 4.

Boy George’s strength has been much more in the creative end, writing jingles for a number of the companies with which he has worked and doing testimonials for products. Iseman has also been strong creatively but might hold the edge organizationally.

The finals will air next Monday night (February 13) at 9 PM ET on NBC.