Brennen Dopwell Focus One News Artist Spotlight

Brennen Dopwell | Focus One News Artist Spotlight

What got you into making music?

It started as a hobby but it quickly developed into more than just that. As I dived deeper into studying the arts, I’ve realized that there are so many colors, shades and textures to music. It has and will always be a spectrum. To me, it has always been the best way to express my colorful and complicated mind.

What has been your best experience musically so far?

So far, I would have to say performing in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015 for the (International Festival of Language and Culture) IFLC. I performed with several other students in the Johannesburg Theatre. The best part about that trip was my peers. I had just met them but it felt like we had known each other for years. I had brought my acoustic guitar and we sang all different songs including American in huge groups every time we had a break in rehearsal. The bond we had grown after that was so tight. It really has shown me that music has a way of connecting us all even with a cultural barrier

Tell us about being a pop dance artist in your city?

I’ve always tried to cycle genres in my area. Through working as a sound engineer and experiencing clubs and dance halls I’ve realized that the main purpose of this type of music is to party. To have fun and enjoy having fun. With life constantly throwing obstacles to drive us crazy, we have to find peace and balance. Dancing for me has always found that balance and that kick drum always pulls my heart out of its chair and onto the floor.

What are some wild stories you have experienced? 

This story starts with a short-back I have which is accepting all challenges. Flying for the first time by myself for a business trip for a camera gig I booked. I had to purchase a substantial amount of laptops, load them in a shipping box and take them to Indianapolis with me. Also my managers believed I am way older than I actually am by renting me a car to take more equipment two hours away to Fort Wayne. I’ve never had that much responsibility before but it felt both terrifying but exciting and great to know that people have faith in me to get a job done, regardless of what they think of my age or experience. After that, one of my managers contacted me, apologized for the pressure he and his staff had put on me and sent me more than enough money to buy a drink. He also scolded me for not speaking my mind and dealing with it myself. I hope I work with more people like that in the future.

What current projects do you have available? 

Currently I have “Dreams and Nightmares” a Bohemian Rhapsody inspired original on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.

I also have an Rock/Funk album called “15 Elements of Life” also on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc”

I’m also doing a student film with “Humble Canoe Productions” about a struggling artist. More Information to be announced.

Finally I’m taking serious thought into a comedy podcast. 

What shows have you done recently?

I was in the Manhattan Center for the IFLC’s 2019 “Colors of The World” where I sang an original piece and recited the Martin Luther King Speech “I have a dream”. I have also performed in the Melrose Ballroom located in Queens New York with my band “Fragile Fears”. Other then that I’ve done supporting roles for plays in the “Black Box Performing Art Center in Teaneck” and your occasional open mic events.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

Some people say it’s my height, others say it’s my hair, but the majority and myself believe that it’s because I can transform into anything I want to be. I think of myself as an artist the same way I think of myself as an actor. I bring many different styles to my art so people struggle to label me under a specific genre. In the end, I’m just Brennen Dopwell.

What are your upcoming big moves to mention?

Magic is a Pop/Dance song that I will be having some visual fun until next month releasing December 11th 2020. I am looking forward to creating music videos for that piece! I also have many new songs I’ve been dying to share with the world that will be coming out next year 2021. So stay tuned!

Where can people find your music (links)?

Here are all my music links:




Apple Music:

What’s your social media handle?

Here are all my socials:

Instagram: @brennendopwell

Facebook: @thebrennendopwellexperience

Twitter: @brennendopwell

TikTok: @brennendopwell

SnapChat: @celtixprince

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist?

I’ve enjoyed being an artist for sixteen years now and have emptied my body, mind and soul into this craft. All I wish for is the music that I make to touch someone’s heart in ways that has never been done before. This grind will never stop, even after I die.