Caashhy hits them with mainstream debut

We sat down with CAASHHY to get a 1-1 exclusive for Focus One News

What got you into music ? 

My manager and close Friend j.Linn they both got me into music my brother which is my manager told me one day “you have some talent and you actually sound good ,surround yourself around people who has the same mindset as you and stay out the mix” then me and j.Linnn just started working on a consistence basis .

What has been your best experience musically so far ? 

Honestly just the fan base I’ve built like I see people from just not my city showing love and taking time out of they day to check my music out I really appreciate that fr 

Tell us about being a rapper in your city ? 

Being a rapper in my city it’s nun really much to tell you know I’m not in the mix at all just be on the low with my lil group but people do start to paint image for you once you are engaged into your fan base and supporters

What are some wild stories you experienced ?

Got into a car accident with my brother ,my 2 cousins ,and my nephew my oldest cousin was driving and my other cousin was in the passenger seat ,then It was ya in the back .It was around night time and it was raining we hit a fire hydrant and everyone in the car had something wrong with them except for my cousin in the passenger seat he was unharmed and it’s crazy bc it would be ways he could really hurt himself but he would never get hurt by doing it .

What current projects do you have available?

Loyalty ft (J.Linnn)
Mis and match 
More projects coming soon …

What shows have you done?
I have done no shows do to COVID-19 

What makes you stand out as an artist?

I feel as if I give off a vibe type of flow and it’s very melodic don’t get me wrong I can switch the vibe up that’s gonna be on my upcoming projects 

Where can people find your music links ?

My Instagram bio @caashhyyy 
All platforms !!

What’s your social media handles 

Ig- @caashhyyy
Youtube – caashhy
Snap -caashhyy

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist ?

Know my backstory ,you might know me !