G-Unit talks past beef

Reunited G-Unit Talk Past Problems Being a Big Misunderstanding

XXL recently spoke with G-Unit about their reconciliation, their new EP, and their respective solo projects. The pending EP, ‘The Beast Is G-Unit,’ drops on March 3rd.

Young Buck spoke on the group coming together to create new music, and referred to past negativity as “a big misunderstanding.” The Nashville native readily shares, “We ain’t never had a conversation with each other since being amongst each other about nothing negative. We real enough to know that whatever we went through and whatever was said and done, we never had a beef with each other. It never was a beef. It was just a big misunderstanding.”

With all beef aside, the group successfully created a new EP. An excited Tony Yayo speaks on the endeavor, “We got a lot of material that just need to be out,” he said. “It’s different being an independent than on being on a major. You get a little more freedom to do what you want. I was like, ‘We all gotta lot of music we need to drop it.'”

Source: XXL