Hanson: ‘We wanted to be true to ourselves with Christmas album’

Hanson worked hard to make their new Christmas record “celebratory, earnest and a little bit rock and roll”.

The boyband, who first shot to fame with their track MMMBop, is returning to the festive music scene with new record Finally It’s Christmas.

The brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, previously released Snowed In in 1997, and the trio were determined to ensure their latest offering was similarly representative of who they are as musicians.

“I think a lot of times where Christmas albums fall short is when people think they almost need to be a different artist to do a Christmas album,” Taylor told Entertainment Weekly magazine. “You’ll have a rock band do a record and it sounds like a crooner record. They’re trying to be a Christmas act.

“And in our case, it was like, ‘No, it’s Hanson’s Christmas.’ It’s a celebratory record, it’s earnest in places, it’s fun, and it’s kind of rock and roll.”

Hanson also looked to some of the most famous Christmas songs to help inspire them when it came to writing what they hope will one day become holiday classics.

“The record definitely has a ’50s, ’60s leaning in a lot of songs (we wrote), and also in a lot of songs we chose,” Taylor said. “We’re emulating more of the Aretha Franklin Winter Wonderland, and you’ve got Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time reinvented, and then Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, which is definitely a modern classic.”