IIIZ concert shutdown by police

iiiz 111 fest full effects up iiiz stage ison effects

The headlining, effects heavy performance by IIIZ last night at the 2015 111 Music Festival (Sunday November 1 2015) was ended abruptly when police shut the show down. The enthusiastic crowd was mesmerized by IIIZ stunning music and stage performance when during the song “Head Home” the police told everyone to do just that. “They had been walking around since the first song and Co2 cannon blast, I thought they were just checking out the show… They kept threatening the sound man to pull the plug, but they kept it going. Eventually the over anxious officer approached the band right at the front of the stage and told them to stop or we aren’t going to like it” says Ditch president of Hood And Associates, the bands record label. The festival took place on the steps of city hall in Catherdral City, California. IIIZ have a debut full length album coming out soon in which they have already recorded 14 songs. For more information see www.hoodandtalent.com