Mac Fern, The Mac is back!

What got me into making music was a prior relationship I would write poetry to her and she would be able to understand what I’m feeling and saying. The connection it brought was incredible to say. 

My best experience musically so far has been meeting and networking with artist from all around the globe. 

Being a rapper in my city has been inspiring. I come from the Bay Area where the movements begin and I want to keep the movement still going.

Some wild stories I have experienced are 

The projects I’m currently working on is releasing a album, debuting on volume 9 mixtape with hood and associates , I’m creating animation vidoes for my music and songs. And working with established artist in music vidoes. 

I have not yet done any shows but I plan to perform live very soon.

What makes me standout as an artist is the genuine heartache music that I bring . The battle of love and the broken hearts it brings when things cant be patched up. I write about my experiences in hopes to resolve conflict within a couple. I want them to hear my music the love lost and pain so they the couple can heal and hold onto whatever they have with each other . 

I would say the wild stories is too short liking my music post on my Instagram page. And having that as validation.

My upcoming big moves is putting out an ep debut album and working with established artist in the music industry. Names I can not comment . Stay tuned! 

You can find my music on