Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham stage mini Spice Girls reunion

Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham have played their own Spice Girls reunion without the other three.

For the last six months, a Spice Girls reunion with Emma Bunton, Mel B and Geri Halliwell as GEM has been the talk of the British music world. Lawyers were putting it together, they were recording new music, the trio would play Hyde Park in 2017, everything was up in the air because of Geri’s pregnancy. There were enough different stories to fill a book.

That’s why it is particularly interesting that the two members of the group that have chosen not to participate, Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham, managed to stage their own Spice Girls reunion before the other three could work out their plans and make an appearance.

The event was a New Year’s Eve party in the Maldives put on by Victoria and her husband David where Chisholm was invited to perform. In the middle of her set, Melanie brought Victoria on stage for an impromptu duet, although “duet” might be pushing the definition a bit as Victoria just kind of vogues while Mel sings, on the Spice Girl’s duet 2 Become 1.

The video’s a bit unsteady but it at least gives viewers an idea of the event:

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