Neil Young to attend screening at SXSW


Neil Young will be in Austin, Texas this Thursday to attend a screening of his 1982 movie ‘Human Highway’.

‘Human Highway’ will screen at the Paramount on Congress in Austin at 5pm Thursday and Young will hold a Q&A after the screening.

Young starred in and co-directed the alt-Comedy movie ‘Human Highway’ with Dean Stockwell. The movie featured appearances from Young, Stockwell, Dennis Hopper and Devo. One of the scenes features Young performing ‘Hey Hey My My’ with Devo.

60s fold singer David Blue also made an appearance in the movie. He died shortly after in 1982.

The movie received poor reviews and was once released on VHS video but has not surfaced (yet) on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Young plays Lionel Switch, a gas station attendant who dreams of being a rock star.