Noel Gallagher: ‘I wasn’t actually crying’

Noel Gallagher has spoken to Radio X’s Chris Moyles about his performance at the We Are Manchester benefit gig, explaining why he wanted to keep it together for the re-opening of Manchester Arena, that he wasn’t crying on stage, and why it was the only time he’s ever got nervous before performing.

CM: Chris Moyles
NG: Noel Gallagher

CM: Everyone knew the emotion of it all got to you.

NG: I wasn’t actually crying. I actually promised myself before I went on, because you’ve kind of got to detach yourself from it, because it’s very easy to kind of get caught up in the moment and when you see other people crying and people in the stands and that. And I’ve done it at normal gigs where you’ve just got to switch off. I read somewhere that I was crying but, no, I’m sorry to say I wasn’t crying.

Noel on feeling nervous before going on stage for the first time ever ahead of the We Are Manchester gig

NG: It’s the only time I’ve ever got nervous before going on stage. I never, ever, ever get nervous, and I never have done. As the night was coming up to my bit – I didn’t go on til, maybe it’s because I went on late, I didn’t go on until half ten – and because of Don’t Look Back in Anger and what it became around that, I was kind of thinking ‘I hope you’re kind of worthy of the moment’, do you know what I mean? And I shouldn’t have worried a bit, actually, you just play the first note and, you know, bring the house down, and that was it. But it was good – the victims and survivors were honoured and then we all hung out after and had a great time, we had a good laugh.

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