Rita Ora: ‘With this album, I improved as a songwriter’

Rita Ora gets reflective for #legend’s June issue. The songstress gets down to business about her music, sexuality and even her quarter-life crisis.

Rita on what her new album is not about: “With this album, I improved as a songwriter and I was able to explore myself. It’s not just about, ‘Oh, who is Rita dating?’ anymore.”

Rita on getting over her quarter-life crisis: “I spent time with my family. I went home, went back to scratch and I ate what I wanted. I just enjoyed myself.”

Rita on working with Carrie Fisher: “I was with her the day before she got on that flight and it’s just crazy. She drank a lot of Coca-Cola and we were, like, loving life on Coca-Cola. We were laughing, the scene was amazing and she helped me a lot.”

Along with Rita’s cover feature, #legend’s June issue is filled with savvy sartorial inspirations including photoshoots with streetwear queen Adrianne Ho, handbags covered with street artist Lousy’s masterpieces and a dreamy Maldives Jimmy Choo shoot with top digital influencers including @ireneisgood, @yoyokulala and @thehautepursuit.

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