Stephen Belafonte’s lawyer plays down storage locker drama

The lawyer for Mel B’s estranged husband Stephen Belafonte has insisted their former nanny has “nothing to do with” their dispute over a storage facility.

The former Spice Girls star claimed Stephen and Lorraine Gilles, who he reportedly got pregnant, were extorting her with sex tape footage and items, which they threatened to make public and had locked away in a mysterious storage unit in the former nanny’s name. The locker also allegedly contained Spice Girls memorabilia and photographs of Mel’s recently-deceased father.

Mel reportedly filed a court order last week (ends09Apr17) to get access to the unit, but it was denied. However, she was granted a restraining order against Gilles on Tuesday (11Apr17), which forces the former nanny to stay more than 100 yards away from Mel and not remove any property from the storage locker.

Stephen’s lawyer Grace Jamra has now spoken out to downplay the storage locker drama, insisting there are no sex tapes in there and Gilles, who was fired in 2015, is not involved.

“She had nothing to do with the storage facility and, in fact, Ms. Brown terminated Lorraine before the items were placed in storage,” she said.

“Unfortunately, it appears that Ms. Brown is creating further hysteria and seeking meaningless Court orders,” she continued. She also revealed that her team are waiting to coordinate a time and date with Mel’s lawyers to take an inventory of the locker and, in doing so, “It will be clear to everyone that there are no sex tapes in the storage.”

She added that Mel and Stephen had agreed to put all the Spice Girls memorabilia in the unit while they sold their house and the singer had been fully aware of the plan and the unit’s location.

On Tuesday, Mel turned up at the Public Storage lock-up, where she believed her personal stash is being kept, and when managers refused to let her in, she returned with police officers. However, she still left empty handed.

The 41-year-old filed for divorce from Stephen last month (Mar17) and subsequently got a restraining order against him, claiming he had been violent towards her for years.

According to, Stephen recently went to the police to report a former girlfriend who was allegedly trying to extort money out of him by threatening to make up abuse claims unless he paid her. He didn’t give her the money and went to the cops instead.