Varain the new king of beats!

What got you into making music?

“I would say what got me into making music was the first time I heard hip hop

The first record I heard was when I was 6 years old was by Jay-Z “Dead Presidents” from that I knew I wanted to do music from a early age,then when I got to the age of 17, that’s around high school I met some one I use to go to school with when I was little,and we reconnected in high school ( George Westinghouse Voc High School), at that time he was making music on computers at school and I always wanted to know how music was made from when I was young, so I asked him can he mentor me on how to Make music and from there I was able to craft my own style of music to what I thought music should sound like”

What has been your best experience musically so far?

“My best experience musically

Is being able to see people appreciate the type of music I bring to the table, and people telling how much they really love what I’m doing musically, that’s my best Experience to me that’s Joy”

Tell us about being a rapper in your city?

“It’s tough, when you live in this place Called New York,The City of 8 million Story’s,everyone is competing with each other weather you kno each other or not to get out doing the Same thing your doing As Far as Music it really makes it tuff for people because there’s so much new artists coming outta New York these days as appose to before where it was a slow process for us to get up to do music in this city for us get it to where we are now where you hear us now getting up and coming to the mic each and every day”

What are some wild stories you have experienced? 

“In a Club in Miami, I was in attendance to watch my guy “KRen” perform last year, and after him and another artist at the time where done tearing up the stage,some guys came over and tried to get us all to come to they quote unquote “studio” they had, but I already knew what that was about in advance,so we able to avoid these guys and go about our business to celebrate what we had done lol”

What current projects do you have available ? 

“Right now I’m working on my Album that was due to come out this year it’s pretty much 90% Done but I have decided to push it back for next year to work more on the aspect of singles at the moment”

What shows have you done recently?

“Haven’t done any as of late Due to current events in the world right now,but I definitely would love to rock out a show in the future”

What makes you standout as an artist?

“I think what makes me stand out as an artist, is being able to put my mind and music in a different world and me being able to be versatile when it comes to music, as an artist you have to be versatile,you can’t put your self in a box, you limit your self that way on what you can do and to one thing”

What are you up coming big moves to mention?

“I Got this Record I’m gonna be releasing Soon Called “Good 4 U?, I think I could blow the lid of the world lol,so be on the look out for that record,I feel people gonna love it”

Where can people find your music (links)?

“You can find my music on Tidal,Spotify,Apple Music, and many other Streaming platforms you got im on it”

What’s your social media handles?

“My social media handles are”

“@vforvarain on instagram and

@varainbeatz on Twitter”

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist?“Um yea I been producing music for 13 going on 14 years now, and I’ve been rapping since 2010, as of late I started taking rapping seriously, I wanted to add that part to my game to what I already I have”