The Accidentals

Calling all indie folk/rock/pop lovers! The Accidentals released their debut album over the summer, Odyssey, on Sony Masterworks and the whole album features the band’s unique contemporary indie-with-a-hint-of-folk/rock/pop sound. Upon listening to the album multiple times, I can’t help but appreciate how well The Accidentals merges multiple genres, sounds, and thoughtful lyrics to create such a cohesive album.

This group of multi-instrumentalists, hailing from their hometown of Traverse City, Michigan, is currently touring across the US. The band was created after Sav Buist and Katie Larson met and bonded from a high school orchestra event. The duo is joined on the stage as well as in the studio by drummer Michael Dause to create The Accidentals. Additionally, guitarist/keyboardist Jake Allen joins The Accidentals on stage as all four multi-instrumentalists create dynamic performances with their contemporary sound.

Three singles have been released off of Odyssey, including the title track, “Memorial Day,” and “KW” (featuring Keller Williams). Of the three singles, I most enjoy “Odyssey” as it sets the tone for the entire album, mixing harmonies, profound lyrics, and a fun indie pop feel. “Memorial Day” is a song I would definitely play on a road trip or while relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with it’s mellow-and-a-touch-of-rock sound while “KW” has a slightly country feel during the instrumental parts of the upbeat indie song.

Other standouts on the album include “Earthbound” with vocals somewhat reminiscent of Taylor Swift, but with an unique indie folk twist. Possibly my favorite off the album is “Cut Me Down,” adding an edgy spin to the indie pop piece. Not to mention, the song’s catchy melody made it hard to get out of my head for days after.

The Accidentals are only at the beginning of their journey, and I have high hopes for their progression and development in this newly created genre of their own.

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