Artist Spotlight: Kevin Young Tattoo


With Kevin young

How old were you and where were you living when you first stared tattooing ?

I was 15 or 16 when I did my first tattoo. I knew I wanted to start tattooing when I was about 9 or 10

And what got you into that? 


I’ve always been drawing my mom had a pencil and paper in my hand as far back as I can remember. One day I saw my cousin come home with a new tattoo and from then on I wanted to do this. 

Any mentors in the tattoo business? Yes Original Trigger and Joshua Dov Futerman taught me the art and the buisness. Trigger opened up a lot of doors for me. I have a lot of respect for them both and are still close friends of mine. 

How many trade shows and festivals have you done? A lot. I’ve spent years touring doing conventions, shows, festivals, guest spots at different shops all over the nation. 

Have you worked with any famous tattoo artists?

Yes I did a grand opening with Flaks in Texas good times. And also doing the conventions you get to work very close to a lot of some of the best artists out there and compete with them. You learn a lot. It’s a humbling experience. 


What are you aspirations for yourself in the business?

Eventually own a shop of my own and have a good team of artists to do conventions and travel with while the shop goes strong. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I got a hard enough time planning our next week haha. Things get very chaotic in my life and you never know what to expect. One minute i have the day off one phone call from a friend and few hours later we’re eating lobsters in Mexico. That’s how this life is. You never know what to expect. Hopefully 5 years have a nice house new car. 

Do you have a vision of someday having your own tattoo shop?

Yes eventually I want to own a shop of my own. It’s got to be a perfect location though. 

Ok top 5 favorite bands?

That changes randomly haha right now I’m listening to 1 Merkules 2 Slaine 3 rage against the machine 4 Flogging Molly 5 Kottonmouth Kings  before they fell out. 

Favorite sport? Surfing and Paintballing 

What do you do in life outside of tattooing? My Fiancé and I travel as much as we can right now. Try to go on little vacations. Other than that I like to snowboard surf paintball. I was on a team for a while, team Mayhem. Would love to get back and do that more but times are to busy for that right now. 

We heard you like to ride, what type of bike do you have and have you ever been to any motorcycle rally’s?

Yes I do. I have a Victory Cross country. It’s a big comfortable bagger. Yes I tattoo at the Ink Mayhem festival that takes place during bike week in Laughlin and Las Vegas. 


Favorite place to ride?

Off-road Glamis hands down. And street I like to go as far as I can. Maybe go for days that’s why I have a big bagger is to get some states behind my belt. 

Have you ever done any freestyle motocross ?

Yes I’m high school. A lot of the riders in my town did. My hometown is famous for extreme sport athletes. 

Who are you favorite riders?

Right now Tom Pages Robbie Madison and Colby Raha. Og riders. Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan, Larry Linkogle, a lot more to list. All the crusty demons basically. They where our friends and inspiration to go hard and get wild! 

Top 5 favorite movies of all time?

Goodfellas Casino Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Training Day, Reservoir Dogs 

Tell people about Freddy V’s American Tattoo, how did that relationship come about?

Freddy and I have been friends since I was 14 he helped me get a job then working in an auto body shop learning how to paint cars fast forward 14 years I needed a place to work and Freddy had a small studio I could work in. Since then we have taken on some of the most talented up and coming artists around and have expanded into the largest shop in San Clemente. It’s a blast being on this team. 

Tell us where people can find you online?

On Instagram Kevin_Young_Tattoo. Message me to book your next tattoo! Located in San Clemente California.