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What got you into making music? I wanted to make electronic music like techno and trance. I had heard some of techno on the radio and said I can do that or even better. So that’s it. I went to Guitar Center and picked up a Maschine Mk2 and an akai keyboard. A Focusrite interface and started making music. I was leaning towards techno, but I got caught up by making more hip hop beats. They were easy and people said they liked it and that I had talent. I took some intro to electronic classes at Pierce College and went from there. I learned some of the basics. Ever since then. I stuck to mostly hip hop beats, rapping and Djing and recently being an Audio Engineer. So to answer the question. Techno did haha. 

What has been your best experience musically so far?               Creating music. That’s my best by far. Being in the moment and creating some great content that people like and hearing their feedback being positive. Really makes my day and boosts my confidence. Also, Being an Audio Engineer. I recently graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. And it has boosted my mixing and mastering skills by far. I love it. I know how to work on a professional console like the Neve, SSL, and even the API board. 
Tell us about being  a rapper in your city?       Not much hate to be honest. I know lots of people involved in music industry. A lot more than people in acting. ( I wanted to be an actor before music). But being in Los Angeles, man it is beautiful. I get to rep the big city. Lots of legends came from this city. So I put pressure on myself to be as big or better. To be a legend. I want to win Grammys. I want to make a mark in the music industry. To be known and be a big legend. One of the best. 

What are some wild stories you have experienced?                  Haha in the music industry. None so far. Nothing worth telling like man that was wild and crazy bro. Your an animal. Ask me in 5 years. Im sure ill have an amazing answer for this one. 

What current projects do you have available ?                         I have an album on spotify called “Off My Chest”, my very first album. I made all the beats, wrote all the lyrics, mixed it all myself except for 2 songs. Pretty much all me. I have a mixtape on called “The Inspiration Mixtape”, (this I consider my best work so far). And I have some singles. One called “El Calzon Reggaeton”, a reggaetón song. A single called “Down” , “Quarantine Bae” and one more called “Cali Riding” with the homie “Wicked”. Im on soundcloud, spotify and a lot of other platforms. 

What shows have you done recently?                I have never really done a show to be honest. Definitely in my future plans after this virus. 

What makes you standout as an artist?

     I would say my style, like flow, and me being able to do it all on my own and not needing anyones help to complete an album. I like to keep it aggressive and real. No mumble rap. The ability to get things done fast. I can make a beat in 10 minutes, throw it in Pro Tools , record, mix it and master it in about a day or two. 

What are you up coming big moves to mention?

      New album coming out, Wont say the name of it for now. I will say nothing but Bangers on that album. I want it to really make a mark in this industry. The one to “Let me in” in the industry and get me recognized. New music videos coming out for one of my mixtape songs and a song called “Bang” with me and “Wicked”. 

Where can people find your music (links)?

Spook | Free Listening on SoundCloudRapper, DJ, Audio Engineer and a beat maker. Army retired. Special Ops. Hungry for a grammy and to help the world. Will not quit until I have accomplished my mission.. Northridge. 41 Tracks. 40 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Spook on your desktop or mobile
SpookoutSpookout, Category: Artist, Albums: Off My Chest, Singles: Quarantine Bae, Quarantine Bae, Down, El Calzon Reggaeton, Top Tracks: Down, Sunnyside of California, El Calzon Reggaeton, Quarantine Bae, Off My Chest, Biography: Born in Van Nuys, CA. May 12, 1988. 31 years of age. Real name is Victor Garcia. Grew up in Los Angeles, CA., Monthly Listeners: 5, Where People Listen: Hull, Porter Ranch, Chicago, Columbus, San Nicolás de los

The Inspiration Mixtape Mixtape by SPooKoutA mixtape with beats from artists like 2pac, The Game, Jeezy and more…All songs written and performed by

                You can find me on these links, Apple music, Amazon, and many more. 

What’s your social media handles?

 Spookout for Instagram. Spookout for Snapchat, and spookout for twitter. 

        And just Victor Garcia for Facebook.

Victor GarciaVictor Garcia is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Victor Garcia and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as an artist?

  I wish coming up was easier haha. I will make it. Mark my words. Spookout will be a recognized name in every household in a good way. Only a matter of time. Patience. I will be there eventually. I will not give up. Anyone willing to help me on the way there. I could use the help. Strong and willing to put in work. This is my passion. I have been doing it for years and haven’t gotten paid for it much since. I haven’t done it for the money, but I know the money will come. Until then. Imma head out. HA!