Azealia Banks mysteriously disappears from Facebook

Azealia Banks’ personal Facebook page has vanished from the Internet.

The 212 hitmaker has been primarily using Facebook since she was banned from Twitter in May (16) following a hate-filled attack on singer Zayn Malik. But she didn’t take her removal as a sign to calm down and she continued ranting and making controversial comments on Facebook.

Her account on the site has now disappeared and no longer shows up in the search bar, prompting rumours that she has been suspended or banned completely from the social media platform.

According to reports, Azealia most recently came under fire for making controversial comments about Brazilians and when she received backlash, she wrote, “When are all of these third world freaks going to stop spamming my page with broken English over things they know nothing about. I’m the queen of the Internet. This stuff is all so effortless.”

She also claimed someone was using “bots” to troll her comments with racist remarks.

Last week (ends01Jan17), the 25-year-old also shocked viewers by posting videos on Snapchat which appeared to show her cleaning blood and feathers from a closet. She told fans she had been practicing witchcraft for three years, leading many to believe she had been sacrificing chickens.

Back in August (16), she threatened to quit all social media, explaining she was fed up of overly sensitive reactions to her posts, but she never took her page down.

“I’m tired of having everything I say or do be monitored and I’m tired of being told how I should be behaving,” she wrote. “I’m quitting Facebook, and any other form of social media that allows me to engage with people. My legacy can’t live and die on the Internet. Goodbye. For good.”