Bruce Dickinson making progress against cancer


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson is continuing to make progress in his fight against cancer.

The band announced on Thursday, February 19 that their singer had been diagnosed with a small cancerous tumor on the back of his tongue. At that time, he had just completed a seven week course of both chemotherapy and radiation but faced a rather long recovery time from the treatments.

Another post earlier this month updated fans on Dickinson’s progress, saying that the lasting side effects of the treatments were starting to subside but that he would have to wait a couple of months for swelling to go down completely before the doctor’s could do a full examination to confirm the cancer had been eradicated.

Today, a second update was posted saying that doctor’s remain optimistic that Bruce will have a full recovery and that he is starting to get up and around to some of his favorite places.

Over the last few days, Bruce has been to see his specialists and following examinations, including visual, we’re delighted to update everyone that the situation remains extremely optimistic for a full recovery. We will still not have final confirmation that the cancer has been completely eradicated until Bruce can have an MRI scan in May, as previously advised in Rod’s recent message to the fans on this site, and the period to full recovery will continue for a few months yet.

Typically Bruce’s immediate reaction to the specialists’ good news was to be as active as feasibly possible, taking in a couple of visits to the Maiden office, one to the Hybrid Air Vehicle hangar to see latest progress, and a brief trip to his local pub, much to the surprise and delight of all his friends there!

We just wanted to share this latest piece of good news with all Maiden’s fans and, as usual, we’ll continue to keep you all updated officially on Bruce’s progress, here on the Iron Maiden website.