Cyndi Lauper thrilled to be touring with Rod Stewart

Cyndi Lauper was thrilled when she learned she would be touring with Rod Stewart because she has admired him since before she was famous.

The singers will head out on the road for a tour this summer (17) and Lauper insists the collaboration is a dream come true.

“For me honestly… it’s like a bucket list thing and I’m trying to do everything that I didn’t do, and singing with Sir Rod is a big deal to me because when I started I was singing his songs,” she told U.S. breakfast show Today on Wednesday (25Jan17) during a joint interview with Stewart. “I was in the shower trying to squeeze my voice together so that I could sound like him… and the fact that he has longevity and that he’s a real musician and that he really is committed, it’s kind of great.”

The 63-year-old also reveals Stewart has become somewhat of a mentor, encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone when taking on new musical projects.

“He said something to me yesterday, because he did that one full songbook album (The Great American Songbook) that sold so much it’s stupid, and they (record label bosses) wanted me to do a songbook, but I couldn’t sing those songs because I felt like I would sound terrible, not as good as the people, so I sang other things,” she said. “But he told me, ‘It’s a song that you grew up with that’s in your heart that you know and that’s what you sing from’.”

Lauper and Stewart’s 18-city tour will kick off on 6 July (17) in Hollywood, Florida.