DJ in Taylor Swift groping trial offers to take polygraph test

The DJ found guilty of groping Taylor Swift is considering appealing the lawsuit verdict, offering to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

The Bad Blood superstar was awarded a symbolic $1 (£0.80) on Monday (14Aug17) when a jury ruled disgraced radio host David Mueller had assaulted her during a 2013 meet-and-greet backstage at a concert in Denver, Colorado.

Mueller had initially filed a $3 million (£2.3 million) slander suit against Swift, her mother Andrea, and manager Frank Bell in 2015, claiming their false accusations suggesting he had grabbed the singer’s butt during a photo opportunity had cost him his job at a local radio station.

Swift, 27, countersued for assault and battery, and the cases were heard together during a week-long trial in a Denver federal court, where Mueller’s slander allegations were dismissed on Friday (11Aug17) due to a lack of evidence.

Following the verdict, Swift released a statement thanking the judge, jury, and her legal team for helping her seek justice on behalf of all victims of sexual assault, but now Mueller is speaking out, insisting he isn’t the monster he has been portrayed as in court.

Mueller sat down for his first TV interview about the ruling with ABC News, during which he was asked if “one of America’s biggest superstars is lying or at least mistaken” about the encounter.

“What I’m saying is I didn’t do what they say I did,” he responded. “I didn’t do it. I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt, and I can pass a polygraph (test).”

Addressing the photo at the centre of the scandal, in which Taylor is seen posing in between Mueller and his then-girlfriend, with the DJ’s hand positioned behind the singer’s skirt, the 55-year-old explained, “I wasn’t invited to be in the photo, so I just moved into the shot the best I could.”

And the radio personality insists he never wanted to take the case to court in the first place – he had simply requested a note from Swift’s team clearing him of any wrongdoing during the incident so he could find a new job.

“I asked for something in writing, which stated that there was a misunderstanding,” he said, “and I can take that to possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me.”

Mueller is now weighing up his options to challenge the lawsuit ruling.