EXCLUSIVE! Chucky Chuck owner of D.G.A.F Clothing

Chucky Chuck is the true entrepreneur. Not only has he had major success with his music, his clothing line D.G.A.F has defined two generations, and built a fan base that is loyal till the end. The brand has grown extensively worldwide, and Chucky’s true ambition as a hustler, innovator, and branding expert can’t be denied. In a time when being self made and self paid are essential, Chucky Chuck has defined that and created his own lane. The movement has a strong following that go to every show that hits their area, and buy every design he creates. There is no brand out right now that does what Chucky does. From the weekly sale videos, to the imaging, D.G.A.F is well established as an eternal clothing brand and lifestyle. From his work in the dirt bike and other dirt sports, to his work with many famous music artists over the years, it was our pleasure to sit down with Chucky Chuck for an exclusive Focus One News interview.

(Video, Spotify Player and photos of some of the products at the end of the interview)

Tell us about growing up in the South Bay?

 Growing up in the South Bay was the shit.  I’m from the heart of it king harbor:  REDONDO & HERMOSA  and I was lucky enough to have some real OG’s around me and down homies that I will alway  consider family and till this day rep my town.     Can’t wait to move back!

You’re a true pioneer and have your own clothing brand among other things. Tell us how D.G.A.F came about ?  

Everyone called me CHUCKY CHUCK don’t give a fuck after my freshman year in high school when I took too much acid in class one day then my big brothers football buddy Nigel Greer had  DGAF tattooed across his bell and that’s when I put two and two together.   Chucky chuck dgaf.   Then my lil homie Gilles and I started Team Dgaf and the ball got rolling ! 

The longevity of your brand and continued growth is one thing that really makes you stand out. A lot of brands have come and gone but yours stays solid. Tell us more about that? 

It’s a trip to say the least. We started with blank white shirts and made Spray paint stencils that had DGAF blasted on them and got the right people to sport them and rep it for us and the saying don’t give a fuck relates to a lot of people so we got the brand in some big stores! Then greed stepped in and the money coming back in was not right we took it serious and got help from the OG Kevin Zinger (SRH/ Suburban Noize Records)

who got things right till other party’s involved put a  monkey wrench got thrown in things agin.   But I never let the brand die and lucky I was Introduce to Jesse Hurts at Hurts screen printing  like 6 years ago and we just started going ham on it and are not stopping anytime soon.      Over all me getting the balls to just run it and be hands on and make video  drops acting like a fool has helped a lot too With social media you have to constantly push post and interact with the followers .

The support for D.G.A.F is amazing, tell us about the D.G.A.F fans? 

Unreal man.   And going back to the social media thing it’s made it so easy to stay in contact with people from around the world that have DGAF tattooed on them or there just  die hard supporters that help keep this thing going and putting food on the table so to me there fucking family and We are so grateful to have the support and Cult like following that we do.    That’s why We do this for the fans.  With out them there would be none of this.  We have been at this for a minute and I personally meet some of my best friends repping dgaf and having a blast I love the support  

Tell us more about your music. I know your in the music game over 20 years now and still have the day 1 support. What’s next music wise for Chucky Chuck?
 A lot I’m working on a ep with sud noize  right now and My next full Length follow up solo album to  HENCHLORD with the man that’s helped me more then I can explain: ruxspin music . I also Got a collaboration with the dead city Villains in the works and doing a lot of features lately .   So lots of music cracking and I feel I’m in my prime of Writing and creating with the freedom I have now so it makes things a lot easier.  

What are some wild stories from all the shows over the years?
You guys are gonna have to buy the book for that one Hahahah no for real tho some of the funniest shit was touring with big b and Opm in their van I really learned the ropes of the rode with them dudes.   I remember us getting  pulled over at a check point In AZ and the fuzz had us all get out the van and run the dogs through it for drugs.  I had my stash in one of them Fake soda cans that open from the top and you put your stash inside of it  ya key move is I Grab that and a bag of chips like I was having a snack outside the van when they raided us. Well the homie Jonathan the piano player of OPM got popped for an ounce of swag brick weed. Side note I puked on homeboy’s dreads one time but that another story that will be in the book !! Anyways the cops took his weed put some words on a paper and gave it to him and let us go.   Everybody knew I had my stash in my Soda can  and looked back at me and said do you still have it I said hell yeah and began to hotbox out the van.   10 minutes later we came up on another checkpoint but luckily they just waved us through definitely a buzz kill but it was a funny time we were all laughing. 

I know you toured with shaggy 2 dope of ICP and ICP themselves as well, what is it like being part of the Dark Carnival?  

Two words WHOOP WHOOP 
It’s like nothing on the earth some of the most epic humans that have done it truly amazing.    My first tour with a ICP I was a roadie for KOTTONMOUTH KINGS  and the line up was tech9 ,kmk ,bone thugs in harmony and ICP.  I was 23 at the time and it changed my life forever  !! Then 10 years later I made it to my first gathering and realty got a taste of the dark Carnival  No rules no judgment just good old fashioned not giving a fuck time of your life    

What’s next for your brand coming up? The way you’re able to cross market and the branding you do is amazing. Really luv the Friday bundle videos!

Man that kind of stuff makes doing this shit so much fun because let’s be real here anyone in The clothing game knows it’s not all fun and games and can get super Stressful at times so me and my boy Jessie Hurts roll up some Og take a dab or to get plot the drops videos He’s the guy behind the Scenes He’s worked with Sly Boogy , crooked I  and a hand full of well known  people and has made it possible for me to do this so I can’t take all the credit for all the work that goes into it  and he gets the fire going and I kind of fan it lol.

It’s so cool to see you doing your thing. You truly have your own lane, and it’s super successful! Congrats on everything! 
Thank you I keep it as humble as I can and always try to show my appreciation to all the people that make it happen.

We see you still rocking with the Kings and the SRH family, any plans to re unite on stage with Big B again or The Felons Club?
The Kings are still pushing respect to them and with out them taking me in and Exposing me to their built-in fan base   I would not even  be doing this interview let’s just say that.   Big plans in the works with SRH and I would love to hit a stage with the homie big b any time!  

Big B, Cary Hart, Butch M, all those dudes are solid! When concerts come back it be great to see y’all out there! 

Fuck yaaa I wanna hop on one of there Harley runs one day !!! 

Where can they find you on social media, your music, etc? @chuckychuckdgaf on IG  the what I use the most  Chucky Chuck on Facebook ,Spotify , YouTube and all steaming platforms . www.dgafofficial.com