EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Red Grant 1 on 1 interview

Big Percy (RMM Music), French Montana, Snoop Dogg, Red Grant
1. Tell me a bit about how you got started with Comedy and when, what made you make the decision to stick to and do just that, because today your reaping your rewards of being your own boss?
I started doing comedy after getting kicked out of school for fighting a losing my football scholarship. So some of my frat brothers (kappa alpha psi) told me I should tell jokes because I was the funniest guy in the frat house. I told jokes two weeks later at an open mic club and it was amazing. I was hooked. Six months after that I was on def comedy jam. I stuck with it because it was easy for me. And I love the work schedule.
2. Tell me a little about the tranisition of you going from “local” comedian to being a national known act who has done some really major stuff in the last few years? Well I always tell Comedians you will always be local until you move out or where you from. Black entertainment television gave me that opportunity when they offered me a job in New York working for teen Summit. And everybody knows that it’s two places to go if you want to become national New York and Los Angeles. I’ve lived both places and they made me become a better artist. It’s all about not being comfortable and taking chances. This is why great things are happening for me right now. 
Red Grant
3. How did you meet Snoop Dogg and was his help instrumental to your success or did it add to your blueprint for fame? I met Snoop Dogg years ago through my partner Joe Clair who was the host of rap city at the time. From that point we always maintain a speaking relationship. Recently our partner Big Percy who is mine and snoops right hand man has made a personal relationship more of a business relationship. Connecting me with Snoops GGN. After that we both felt like it was smart for us to continue our business relationship. And yes he was a big part of my blueprint growing. Snoop dog has shown me how to grind harder. 
4. When can we expect the next Red Grant full length album?
Do you think comedy albums have kind of been swept under the rug in recent years and not gotten the credit they deserve? 
Right now working on my album off the RMM/Snoop Dogg label. I’ve been heavily into my music lately and my fans are begging for that Lemon Drop/Nicolis Minaj album. We are releasing the “Blackout” at the end of February. Yes comedy albums have been swept under the rug but I think people are ready right now for comedians to start making albums again.
5. When your on tour what are some of the things you do to prepare for your high energy set?
What are some of Red Grants green room requirements?
Taking naps before I go on. That is the big key for Red Grants Energy.
Got to have fruit and Patron in the green room. Fruit is before the show Patron is after.
6. You have been on tour with Snoop Dogg, how does the audience react to a comedy act on stage instead of the traditional music opening acts?
The crowd loves to laugh and Turnup before Dogg comes on stage. Comedy and music will always go hand and hand.
7. Is there a line of Red Grant Merchandise coming soon or available ?
Yes I’m in Brand ambassador for a couple of clothing company’s right now. Grindstone Universal and Asphalt Clothing. And I’ve also partnered up with Ordizzle glasses and hats to take advantage of this growing industry. Also me and my partner Big Percy just started selling hats and shirts from our Golf Beef clothing line.
8. What is one of your most memorable performances and what made it special?
I think my most memorable performances happen when I went to London a few years ago. Just to see people from other cultures laugh as hard as people from my culture made it very special.
9. Tell us about when Drake came and surprised you during your act? Was this a complete surprise set up by your camp? Do you think you and Drake will work together in the future on some kind of comedy/music collaboration? Maybe even an SNL appearance with Drake?
A lot of people have been coming to the comedy store on Tuesday recently. From Dave Chapelle to Kevin Hart and many other superstar entertainers. I didn’t know Drake was in the house but once I found out I wanted to have fun with him. He was fun to work with and they did not take anything personal as a matter fact he is a comedian in his own right. Hopefully we can get together and do some more skits and collaborations in the future. It would be magic.
10. how can people find out more about Red Grant? Whats your social media addresses and your website?
People can find out more about Red Grant at www.RedGrant.com they can get a link to almost social sites from there.
-Thanks again Red, we appreciate the story.
Story by: DITCH