Halsey taking break from interviews following album reception

Halsey plans to take a break from interviews following the mixed reception to her latest album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

The New Americana singer released her second studio album in June (17) and received mixed reviews from critics, and when she sat down to chat with Flaunt magazine, she revealed she was done with interviews.

“I think this will be the last interview I do for a while,” she said. “Everything has just been so f**king mean. I’m just over it… You forget when you put something out into the world that everyone is going to have something to say about it.”

She cited a recent interview she had where the reporter said he didn’t think the concept for the album was “all there” and she told the magazine, “Reviewers are always saying that. And I’m like, okay, did you order the box set? Are you coming to the concert? Do you have the newspapers I left on fans’ doorsteps over all fifty states in America? Did you get a letter with a wax seal in the mail? No, you haven’t.

“If you want to dive into the story, invest, then you can dive into my campaign and that’s what I try to set a stage for. So that’s why I get so p**sed at reviewers who say ‘Halsey’s concept isn’t fully there,’ and I’m like that’s because you aren’t participating.”

In May, she took to Twitter to complain about “white dudes” trying to take credit for her work at every turn and previously said she was achieving success because of her own hard work rather than because of her feature on The Chainsmokers’ Closer and Justin Bieber’s Company.

She continued to explain to Flaunt, saying, “It’s just misogyny. The lack of faith in female capability. It is such a male-dominated industry that everyone seems to believe there has to be a man behind the woman, that women can’t do anything without some secret help.”

In the accompanying photoshoot, the 22-year-old poses topless while holding a flame from a lighter near her tongue and exposes her bottom by pulling down her trousers while she’s wearing a thong.