Joni Sledge died of natural causes

Sister Sledge star Joni Sledge died of a pre-existing condition, according to law enforcement sources.

The singer was found dead in her Arizona home on Friday (10Mar17) and now local experts have ruled out foul play, insisting Joni died of natural causes, according to TMZ.

It’s still not clear exactly what killed the 60-year-old, and her publicist insists she had not been ill prior to her death.

The outlet reports an autopsy was not necessary because her doctor signed off on natural causes.

Meanwhile, her sisters Debbie and Kim have assured fans they will honour all the group’s 2017 commitments as a tribute to Joni, who enjoyed disco hits with songs like We Are Family and The Greatest Dancer.

In a statement to fans, the Sledge sisters write: “Sister Sledge will continue with their 2017 concert schedule. Sister Sledge – Debbie, Kim and the Sledge family would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who have extended their love and support during this difficult and challenging time of mourning, in the wake of the passing of our beloved sister Joni Sledge.

“Joni was a beautiful person, phenomenal artist and producer, a brilliant business woman and a powerhouse! One of her greatest loves and joys was performing live with her family. In the spirit of Joni’s powerful strength of character, zest for life and spreading joy through music, we are committed to continuing her legacy.

“Therefore, in this new 2017 concert season, and in the true Sister Sledge family tradition, we will embrace and celebrate Joni, dedicating every concert in honour of her remarkable and beautiful life. WE ARE SISTERS. We are one… We are Family!”

Joni, Debbie, Kim and Kathy Sledge formed Sister Sledge in 1971. Kathy left the group in 1989 to pursue a solo career.

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