Kelly Rowland gave Fifth Harmony advice after Camila Cabello’s exit

Fifth Harmony leaned on Kelly Rowland’s advice when Camila Cabello left the group, revealing she urged them to focus on their music and ignore the split drama.

The bandmates admit they took Camila’s abrupt exit in December (16) hard and they needed a fairy godmother to help build up their confidence as a quartet.

Kelly, who was a member of Destiny’s Child when the quartet became a trio after LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett, and Farrah Franklin left the group, stepped up and offered the girls the advice they needed.

“(Kelly) just told us to, like, let the music speak for itself… and just know your worth, believe in yourself and just be there for each other,” Dinah Jane tells Access Hollywood. “So we’ve definitely honed into that. And for her to advise that, like, that says a lot because, you know, she’s gone through the same things.”

“She said that she was really proud of us,” Normani Kordei adds.

Fifth Harmony thought about replacing Camila, but ultimately decided against it.

“We kept referencing (Destiny’s Child) while we were in the moments of that whole thing happening,” Lauren Jauregui says. “Like people, teams or whatever, suggesting, ‘Oh maybe we get a fifth member?’ (We were like), ‘No, dude. If we’re going to do this, it’s the four of us. Period’.”

“It’s been us. It will be us,” Kordei adds.

And the group now feels it has found its groove again.

“Honestly it’s a breath of fresh air,” Kordei says. “We’re just so grateful and we thank God, like, literally every single day.”

“Even in those times where the storm was really, really heavy and we didn’t know if it was going to end… now I recognise what goodness actually feels like,” she adds.