Lina O2 Arena

Seated at her piano, dressed with a long pink sparkly cape, Lina opened up the O2 show and had the tough job of warming up thousands of fans. With simplicity, she sang Dance Sucker and displayed her amazing vocals.
After this first song, she took off her cape to reveal a jumpsuit as sparkly and glowing as her presence on stage! She performed Can’t Keep Falling, a feel-good track that got the O2 dancing and singing along.

Lina then talked to the fans and said she was truly honoured to be here in London and to support Little Mix. She then sang a reprise of Symphony and added some oriental accents to the summer hit. Encouraging her audience to dance with her, Lina was energetic, warm and engaging.

“This next track is a surprise I organised just for you; so, turn on your flashlights and sing with me!” was Lina’s introduction to her personal, sweet reprise of Little Mix’s Hair.

Finally, Lina performed her single I Wore It Better. Just released, the song makes a parallel between the famous comparison meme and that feeling you get when you see your ex’s new girlfriend wearing his clothes (clothes that you once wore better).

Lina gathered a standing ovation and left the stage, not without thanking her audience and Little Mix! We have had the chance and pleasure to interview Lina ahead of her O2 performance. You can read all about it just here:

-You are fluent in 5 languages; do you use all 5 of them in your songs or in your creative process? Could we imagine a song gathering all 5 of them?
I am fluent in 5 languages, and I never thought about gathering all of them in one song. This might be a good idea!
I can sing in all five languages- English, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and Italian- but now I’m focusing on English. I love it here in the UK, and I think that English is the only common language that I can use to get to as many people as possible. My upcoming album Walking On A Tightrope will be released in the beginning of 2018 and it’s all in English, but who knows what life could bring!

– You won the Israeli version of The Voice; how did you feel and do you think this helped you with your career? Does it make you relate to the Little Mix ladies as they will the X Factor here in the U.K.?
Being on The Voice was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It had changed my life completely! It was my first professional experience in the music business and I fell in love. It gave me the power to work the hardest I can to achieve all of my dreams.
I do feel related to Little Mix. We went through the same thing. We’ve had a similar process. They were the first girl band to ever win the X Factor, and I was the first Arab to win The Voice Israel.

– You’ve opened up for the band Queen+Adam Lambert in 2016 and now you’re opening for Little Mix: what are the similarities and differences between the two experiences?
Similarities- good music, amazing performances, extremely supportive crowds. Queen is the biggest band in history, and Little Mix is the hottest group in the world, and I couldn’t be more honoured…
Differences- music style, age range of the crowd, and we’re all girls!!!

– How were you approached to be the opening act of Little Mix? Did you know them before (are you a fan of theirs?)? What are they like backstage and do you get to interact much with them?
My management team sent their team some of my materials- music videos and live performances, and they thought I was very suitable for the tour. Little Mix have been on my playlist a few years, and I absolutely love their music!
They are the cutest and sweetest backstage! Always caring and fun to be around.

– Finally, can you tell us what is coming up next for you?
My upcoming album Walking On A Tightrope would hopefully be released in the beginning of 2018, and more tours to come! Stay tuned because I’m here to stay.