Madonna clarifies names of adopted daughters Estere and Stelle

Madonna has clarified the names of her newly-adopted twin daughters in a post on Instagram.

The 58-year-old singer was given legal approval to take in the sisters in Malawi’s High Court in its capital Lilongwe on Tuesday (07Feb17).

It had been reported that the four-year-olds were called Esther and Stella, but Madonna clarified their monikers as she shared a snap of the new additions to her family on Thursday (09Feb17).

“There are 650 Orphans at Home of Hope where Estere and Stelle have lived for 4 years since they were 5 days old,” she wrote alongside the picture of the sisters playing with a bucket of water.

The girls are the third and fourth children Madonna has adopted from Malawi – she previously took in son David from an orphanage in 2006 and she adopted daughter Mercy James in 2009.

And the adoption is the latest development in Madonna’s strong and special relationship with the African country – she has funded a number of educational and health programmes there through her charity Raising Malawi, which she co-founded in 2006.

Madonna continued her post by asking fans to support both her charity and the orphanage where Estere and Stelle had their start in life.

“Run by the generous and compassionate Rev. Chipeto and his daughter Lucy, Raising Malawi has been working with HOH for over 10 years since I met my son David there,” she added. “If you would like to get involved by volunteering or donations go to. Raising . Every little bit helps!!!”

It has been reported that while Madonna is free to take Estere and Stelle back to the U.S. with her, she will be under observation by court officials for a year before the adoption is fully cemented, and must submit a home study to Malawian authorities.

The Like a Virgin singer is also mother to two biological children – daughter Lourdes, 20, who she shares with Cuban actor Carlos Leon, and son Rocco, 16, from her marriage with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.