Madonna: ‘Wine loosened Michael Jackson up for some full French kissing’

Madonna loosened Michael Jackson up with a glass of Chardonnay before making a move on him.

The 58-year-old singer had teased a potential romantic relationship with the late star during a sneak peek at her Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, which aired in full on Wednesday night (07Dec16).

And during her time in the car with James, Madonna went into more detail about what actually happened with Michael, with whom she attended the Academy Awards in 1991.

After joking that James wanted her to “kiss and tell” when he asked what a night out or in was like with Michael, the host then asked Madonna if she and the Bad singer had actually locked lips.

“Of course,” Madonna answered, somewhat casually. “I mean, baby, I’ve been around! I haven’t had the chance to talk about it, no one ever asks me.”

James then questioned the mother-of-three about who made the first move, to which the Papa Don’t Preach star replied: “Well, I did, if you wanna know the truth. Cause he was a little bit shy. However, he was a willing accomplice. I did get him to loosen up with a glass of chardonnay. And it did. It worked wonders.”

She went on to reveal she and Michael had indulged in some “full French kissing” during their passionate encounter.

Other topics broached during the pair’s car ride around New York included James asking Madonna her current relationship status. When he questioned the singer about what she is looking for in a man, Madonna skilfully turned the question back onto James, replying: “I think the best thing in the world is to be married to someone funny.”

Attempting to flirt with the host, Madonna added he needs some work in the fashion department, labelling his plaid shirt “very Seattle 1990s”.

James also asked Madonna about the outlandish reputation she has garnered over the years. However, the singer protests that couldn’t be further from her real-life personality.

“I’m quite square,” she insisted. “My work is rebellious but my lifestyle is not rebellious.”