Mollie Marriot The Borderline London

Mollie Marriot played a full headline set at a packed Borderline last night and showed why she is quickly becoming one of the biggest draws around.

She is supremely confident and holds the centre of the stage without any apparent effort. Her voice is rich and subtle and from the opening of ‘Run With The Hounds’ she had the crowd rapt.

Her set mainly featured tracks from her new album ‘Truth Is The Wolf’, due for September release but they are of such melodic quality that the crowd was dancing and seemed completely familiar with material being debuted on the night.
Whether she was belting it out on a number such as ‘Ship Of Fools’ to a jazzy rhythm or singing sweetly and from the heart on ‘Baby I Love You’ (written for her daughter) her voice held a remarkable purity and she seemed capable of taking the music anywhere she wanted.

Best track on the night, for me, was the new single ‘Control’ – the band were cooking and her sassy power seemed to be coming straight from her spike heels to her throat but her intensity on ‘Gravity’ came damn close.

There are a number of very fine singers around at the moment but Mollie Marriot definitely displayed a greater range and passion than many. A cracker of a night.

1. Run With The Hounds
2. Truth Is The Wolf (this is the title track from her forthcoming album released in September)
3. Broken
4. Ship Of Fools
5. King Of Hearts
6. Give Me A Reason
7. Baby I Love You
8. Control (this is her new single taken from the forthcoming album “Truth Is The Wolf)
9. Armour
10. Gravity
11. A Million Miles
12. Transformer

Picture by Laurence Harvey