NAMM: 2015 what we know so far


Contributing writer Randolph Hood gives you an advance look at NAMM 2015

NAMM 2015: news, rumours and predictions

The 2015 NAMM Show is now officially just around the corner. It’ll take place in Anaheim, California on 22-25 January, and will see all the major guitar, tech and drum manufacturers unveil what will undoubtedly turn out to be some of the biggest products of the year.

What, though, will these products be? We’ve heard rumours, been bombarded with teasers and caught glimpses of leaks (both unintentional and otherwise) in the weeks leading up to the show, and we’re reporting them on this very page.

So, if you want to know what to expect at NAMM 2015, keep it right here.


– Arturia reckons that it has a “next generation” audio interface in the offing – could NAMM 2015 be the place where we get to see it?

– Korg’s ARP Odyssey reissue is one of 2015’s most eagerly-awaited products, and now we know that Korg will be unveiling it this month. It looks a dead cert for NAMM.

– Roland scored some successes with its Aira range in 2014, so can we expect the company to add to it in 2015? A more substantial Plug-Out capable synth with a bigger and better keyboard would certainly make sense (to us, anyway).

– Also from Roland, the JD-Xi, potentially an analogue/digital hybrid that will sit outside the Aira range. We know it exists, so we’d be surprised if it wasn’t at the show.

– Inevitably, there will be more new full-on analogue synths. Here’s hoping for some affordable polyphonic models, though we’re guessing that NAMM will come too early for Behringer’s offering.

– IK Multimedia will be showing off its new Android audio solution that promises near zero-latency performance on a wide range of devices.

– Casio will be showing the Millennium Falcon-styled XW-PD1 groovebox and XW-DJ1 controller.

– Could we about to see a new synth from Generalmusic, which is responsible for the Gem, Lem and Elka brands?

– Shure is launching a new range of mobile recording products: the Motiv line comprises three mics, an audio interface and an app.

– Akai’s Advance keyboards promises super-tight integration with all your plugins via the Virtual Instrument Player application.

– Software launches at NAMM aren’t as plentiful as they used to be, but Cakewalk will be showing the new version of Sonar and explaining its new Membership model.

– iPad audio workstation Auria is returning as Auria Pro. And this time, it’s got built-in MIDI recording and editing.

– A larger version of CME’s Xkey controller – the Xkey 37 – is on the way.

– Clavia will be hoping to light up NAMM with its 5th generation Electro keyboards, which promise wide-ranging improvements.

– You know there’s an analogue revival going on when Moog announces that it’s bringing back some of its most famous modular synths.

– Sick of taking your laptop to DJing gigs? Pioneer’s new XDJ-RX all-in-one DJ device could be for you.


– Kemper’s Profiler Remote foot controller is out in the open, but the eagle-eyed amongst you have also spotted a Kemper branded cab in the promo shots. Just set dressing or the first sighting of a Kemper amp in the wild?

– We know for certain that Manson Guitar Works and Cort Guitars will be releasing an affordable Matt Bellamy signature guitar – the MBC-1 – because they’ve revealed details of it already.

– Ibanez has jumped the gun and unveiled its 2015 guitar line-up already. This contains a huge range of electrics and hollowbodies.

– PRS has announced a new signature model for Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb.

– Electro-Harmonix is promising the Deluxe Electric Mistress XO – a smaller, modernised version of the Deluxe Electric Mistress from 1976.

– Blackstar has released a teaser video for a product their launching at this month’s NAMM show and after the Brits won the Best In Show award last year for their ID:Core series of amps, we’re guessing this is also going to be something special.

– We’ll also be getting a closer look at JACK, currently gearing up on kickstarter. It’s an innovative wireless system based around optimised Wi-Fi technology and designed primarily for home studio use. If its makers are to be believed, it’s the”biggest change to home music recording in 50 years”. We shall see.

– Pedaltrain have revamped their entire line, tweaking existing features and announcing 11 new models.

– ESP has already unveiled new models and updates for Lamb Of God, Slayer and Animals As Leaders, with much more to come next week. Check back for a full rundown and stand gallery during the show.

– Do you want a monitoring solution that lets you ‘feel’ your music through “bone conduction”. Porter & Davies is offering it with the KT Platform.

– Orange have made two key announcements, the OB-1 series of bass amps and a new line of Crush amps.

– Finnish amp and effect guru Mad Professor has unveiled a new amp, the Old School 51RT.


– Periphery’s Matt Halpern has been seen in the wild playing his new Mapex signature snare drum with the official launch signalled for NAMM. What we know so far is that it will be called the Black Panther Wraith, it features a 2.1mm 14″x6″ brass shell, and it’s loud!

– 2014 was the year of the hybrid set-up going mainstream, with Roland’s TM-2 allowing any drummer to affordably add triggers and pads to their acoustic setup. Will Roland be expanding on this idea? Something with four dual-trigger inputs maybe? Or will we see Alesis or Yamaha following suit?

– Istanbul has announced its limited edition Tony Williams tribute cymbals.

– Not only is Paiste unveiling a budget FX cymbal line, but it also has Stewart Copeland and Dave Lombardo artist models.

– DTX502 Touch is a new app from Yamaha that enables you to control your DTX502 module from an iOS device.

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