The Pop style electrical anthem “Talk To me”

The Pop style electrical anthem “Talk To me” is sure to be a worldwide hit song with the gorgeous Kelly C singing a triumphant, uplifting chorus. Lil Nate Dogg, who is the son of music icon Nate Dogg, is releasing the song on his new “Son Of A G” album. His work on the song with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill has already gained him critical acclaim prior to the songs full worldwide release on December 18th 2017 via Hood And Associates, A Universal Music Group Distribution. Lil Nate sings to Kelly c “talk to me girl, lets take a walk” with his smooth voice sounding just like his famous father. Sen Dog comes across with his trademark Cypress Hill sound on his verse telling the singer “I been clocking you all day, from where I stand that S**t lookin bombay”. Kelly C is a model from Nashville, TN and at the age of 23 has an amazing voice reminiscent of Blondie.

Lil Nate Dogg who has spent a few years developing under the label Hood And Associates, A Randolph & Ditch Production, will finally release his debut album on the label (with help of the Return Of Doggystyle Records and Pimp On Entertainment). The label has just announced the album will contain several of his father’s songs, remade with Lil Nate Dogg taking the helm.

The new album releasing November December 18th 2017 from Nate Dogg’s own son Lil Nate Dogg (Nathaniel Dwayne Hale jr), age 23, entitled “Son Of A G” will contain 4 new versions, remade for the modern day generation, of his father’s classic hits. The young and talented child of the rap icon comes across strong with a revamp of “Cant Deny It”. Lil Nate Dogg re writes some of the lyrics in the chorus to reflect his own lifestyle and what people “Cant Deny” about the son of a legend. His smooth rap skills come across strong on the song. Another Nate Dogg massive hit song transformed into his son’s voice is “Im Fly” .Critics have already given the album very high remarks and praise and call Lil Nate Dogg a “Psychical and vocal clone of his father”. “He has done a tremendous job at re doing his father’s hit songs and this will definitely put Lil Nate Dogg on the map worldwide, as he continues to follow in the footsteps of his father’s legacy being a “Son Of A G” “ says Ditch, the co founder of the Orange County, California record label Hood And Associates.

The album “Son Of A G” releases worldwide everywhere music is sold or streamed digitally November 28th 2017 from Hood And Associates, A Randolph & Ditch Production, in association with The Return Of Doggystyle Records and Pimp On Entertainment. Worldwide distribution is provided by Universal Music Group. For up to date information on Lil Nate Dogg . Follow Lil Nate Dogg @lilnatedoggofficial @hoodassociates on instagram and twitter.