Rapper Lil Wayne allegedly bailed on rap concert due to breach of contract

Rapper Lil Wayne reportedly cancelled a headlining performance at the SummerFall festival in the Caribbean over the weekend (26Nov16) due to an alleged breach of contract dispute.

The Lollipop hitmaker was set to hit the stage in Curacao with Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana, Fat Joe, Yo Gotti, and others on Saturday (26Nov16), but, according to TMZ, he dropped out at the last minute.

Organisers claimed the 34-year-old had suffered a seizure on Friday (25Nov16) in Miami, Florida, but his team denied the reports, insisting a “breach of contract” was behind his no-show.

SummerFall bosses released a statement just before the event began, insisting promoters “met all contractual obligations for Lil Wayne to perform at the SummerFall concert”.

The release continues: “We are still investigating the reason for the last-minute cancellation and have nothing further to comment on except that although we are disappointed Lil Wayne will not be performing, we are excited about the lineup of artists who will be performing tonight.”

The rapper, who has yet to comment on the drama, has suffered seizures related to his struggles with epilepsy in the past.

He reportedly suffered a scare just before he was about to step onstage at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas for a show in July (16), and was treated in an intensive care unit in a nearby hospital.

The 33-year-old took to Twitter to insist his medical emergency wasn’t as serious as reported, but thanked his fans for their messages of support regardless.

“False Alarm! I appreciate da prayers and konsern (concern) but I’m good!!! Luv!!!! (sic),” he tweeted days later.

That alleged incident came just weeks after he was hospitalised following a “minor” seizure during a flight between Wisconsin and California, which prompted the pilot of the private jet, on which he was a passenger, to make an emergency landing in Nebraska.

His representative told TMZ at the time the rapper ran out of his prescribed medication and couldn’t find a replacement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was performing.

Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., revealed his epilepsy diagnosis in 2013 after he suffered a near-fatal seizure, which lead to him being placed in an induced coma.