Rita Ora victim in $2.8 million fraud case

Rita Ora has reportedly lost “hundreds of thousands” of dollars after a company she invested in was targeted by a fraudster.

Police officers are reportedly investigating claims an accountant from a firm in the Midlands, England siphoned off cash from a business the 26-year-old singer had invested in along with others, who are to said to have collectively lost $2.8 million (£2.3 million), while she has personally lost “hundreds of thousands” of dollars.

“Rita is one of several investors who it is suspected could have collectively lost £2.3million,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “She has all sorts of companies and investments within fashion and music, as well as businesses in the US and Asia, so it is a complicated ordeal sifting through missing funds.”

Northamptonshire Police have told the newspaper a 35-year-old man has been arrested and bailed as part of a financial investigation, which has been ongoing for nine months.

Neighbours had claimed he had been “living like a Prince” by buying a five-bedroom house and luxury cars despite a relatively modest income.

Rita’s lawyer Graham Shear confirmed her involvement and told The Sun, “One of the companies in which she has an interest is a potential victim of fraud… Any loss suffered by the company in which Ms Ora has an interest will be recoverable from insurance policies which protect against this sort of professional misappropriation, fraud, and other claims.”

The news comes months after Charaf Elmoudden, 26, was found guilty of burgling $269,000 (£217,000) worth of goods from the R.I.P. singer’s London home in November, 2015. He stole items including designer clothes, bags and shoes, plus phones, perfume and computers, from the property while Rita and her sister Elena were sleeping.

The singer broke down in tears as she recalled the incident in court in June (16).