Selena Gomez: New album discovers life

Selena Gomez reveals her new album is about ‘discovering what life is’.


The songstress is currently celebrating turning the age of 23, as her birthday falls on Wednesday July 22.

Selena announced Tuesday, a day ahead of her birthday, she will be releasing her second album Revival on October 9, and the title for the offering encapsulates the essence of what she tried to convey in fresh songs.

‘The album in general is my perspective on things – it’s not about one thing,’ Selena told MTV News. ‘I’m going to be 23, I’ve seen how the world works in a weird way. That moment in your life when you step back and you’re like, ‘What’s going on? Am I happy? Are these people good for me? Why are these people doing that to other people?’ Just discovering what life is, spirituality, so there’s a little bit of all of that on the album.’

Selena co-wrote most of the tracks on Revival, something she’s never done before.

And being a songwriter has opened up her eyes to a whole new realm of creativity.

‘I love buying an album and having a story told to me,’ she gushed. ‘Taylor [Swift] is awesome at that – and I think when you’re able to buy an album and follow a story, that’s genuine. To me, that’s more challenging than releasing a bunch of hits. That’s what I wanted to do with this record.

‘It was a big change. I went from having a lot of opinions to people being like, ‘What do you want to do?’ And that was great, that was what I needed. It was almost pushing me out of my comfort zone.’