Sheryl Crow promised to spend more time with her boys after making country album

Sheryl Crow has vowed never to stay away from her kids for too long again after relentlessly promoting her last album.

The Soak Up the Sun singer released record Feels Like Home back in 2013, which she wrote and recorded with the help of some of Nashville’s most successful musicians including Brad Paisley and Luke Laird.

It fared well in the charts, coming in at number seven on the Billboard 200 list and debuting third on the Top Country Albums chart, but Sheryl didn’t find the experience entirely rewarding after working long hours to ensure it got played.

“I felt there was good songwriting on the record,” the mother-of-two, who has adopted boys Wyatt, nine, and six-year-old Levi, told the Los Angeles Times. “I had no expectation for the record (in terms of sales), but what I didn’t expect is that (country radio programmers) really don’t play women unless it’s Carrie (Underwood) and Miranda (Lambert).

“The other thing I didn’t expect is how much you have to make yourself available to record promoters and radio programmers. That was something I never had to do before. The amount of nights I spent away from my kids I can’t get back, and I made a promise at the end of it that I’d never do that again.”

Luckily Sheryl, 55, is feeling a lot more confident about her new album Be Myself, which she released on Friday (21Apr17). It marks her ninth record and the latest in a long string of projects she worked on with songwriter and producer Jeff Trott, who she dubs her “musical husband”.

She has the support of her family too while on the road, with her sons even offering advice on stage outfits.

“The kids were like, ‘You’re not going to wear that, are you?’” she said of a recent show in which she wore an old Mickey Mouse T-shirt. “I said, ‘Yeah, it’s comfortable.’ They’re like, ‘You sleep in that, mom – you can’t wear that on stage!’”