St. Vincent and ex Kristen Stewart prepare for Sundance directorial debut

Singer St. Vincent and her ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart are headed to the Sundance Film Festival – as first-time film directors.

The Twilight actress was photographed at LAX airport on Thursday (19Jan17) boarding a plane bound for Park City, Utah, where she will be screening her first directorial effort, Come, Swim – a short film scored by St. Vincent, who Kristen briefly dated last year (16).

And the musician will also be showing off her filmmaking skills at Sundance with a new horror anthology film, titled XX, which she had a lot of fun making.

“I never saw myself even seeing a horror film,” the musician confesses to Billboard of her shocking directorial debut. “I can’t watch them, because everything disgusting or violent just gets seared into my retinas.

“I’ll obsess over those images for a long time. Watching horror movies with me is so annoying – I’m the one screaming, ‘What’s going to happen next?’ But it was very amazing when I got asked to direct one. Surprisingly, I had the best time.”

The exes are unlikely to meet at the festival – even if Kristen turns up for the XX screening, because St. Vincent, real name Annie Clark, probably won’t spot her: “I’ll be covering my eyes…,” she adds.

The musician is familiar with Hollywood sets, having filmed TV shows and music videos in the past, but the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of XX was noticeably different, thanks to all the women.

“There were just a whole lot of women on set,” she recalls. “I hadn’t worked on film sets, but I think it’s similar to music in that the crews tend to be male. When I’m touring, I make sure to have women around – not as some sort of quota, but because it makes the ecosystem nicer. There’s more balance – yin and yang.”