Stevie McCrorie: I want album out by summer


In a EXCLUSIVE The Voice winner Stevie McCrorie told us that he wants his album out “as soon as posible”.

With his debut single ‘Lost Stars’ having debuted at No.6, Stevie popped into HQ in North London yesterday. He told us “I’ve been offered T In The Park, and hoping to get into more festivals, thats what I want to be doing, playing my guitar, playing in a band and gigging.”

Asked if he had enough material already written for the album Stevie said, “I’ve got material thats existing and I’m happy for those songs to be treated like demos, and be worked on by producers and other songwriters, and then I’ve got my own material that’s new and am happy to work with other songwriters.”

“I feel like I’ve got enough material to get a great start to the album and even getting into a room with good songwriters will happen quite quick because I feel inside me I’ve got an album’s worth to talk about and write about and put to paper. There’s no point writing an album unless you’ve got something to talk about.”

“Ultimately its got to be from me, from the heart, as the fans have connected with me. Songs about my daughter, my life, this experience, about facing challenges and overcoming fears and thats what I want the album to be about.”

On collaborations he continued, “There’s been talks with Ricky (Wilson) to collaborate on a song which would be cool and Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, Kelly Jones is one of the big ones for me. Who knows maybe I could do something different with Calvin Harris to mix it up, branch out and show people a different side.”